Thursday, March 25, 2010

TOY STORY BluRay/DVD Deal at Target!

Thank you so much to Coupon Savvy in Cowlitz County for this AWSOME deal!!!! I rushed out after work and scored this deal....I'm thinkin CHRISTMAS!!! After tax your total will be $11.98 not too shabby! (please pardon my quoting mess...I was trying to quote Maryann and I seem to have messed up my layout)
This deal does expire on 3.27....Ash...this would be a great one for Lily!

"""I am SO excited about this deal, I had to rush home and share it with you!!!!
I went to Target and scored 4 Toy Story blue ray dvd's for $7.96
that's $1.99 ea!!!!
Can you even believe this?!
This is what I did:
First I went to the Toys R Us web page and copied the ad the show the Toy Story deal.
Make sure you print out the page displaying the ad and then print out this page.
I then went to The Disney rewards web page and signed up for a new account.
After I did this I entered the upc codes from my old copies of Toy Story and Toy Story 2.
If you don't have the codes:
Once you sign in there will be a box towards the middle right hand side to enter your upc's.
After doing so you will be rewarded with a $10 coupon. Hit your back button and print 2 for each upc.
I promise this is easy, I am just long winded :)
Okay, you have the 4 coupons and the TRU (Toys R Us) ad,
now head over to Target and score this deal.
when you buy both TS and TS2 you will automatically receive an instant $10 savings:
I was able to do this with out any problems at the Hazel Dell Target, I just headed over to the service desk and gave her the Ad , then the 4 coupons and my grand total was $7.96
It's not over yet not only did I save $88.00 on this transactions but with each dvd that I bought
I received a movie theatre ticket ($8.50 value) to go and see the movie when it comes out!!!!
When everything was said and done I came home with 4 dvd's and 4 movie tickets at a value of $130.00!!!!"""