Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jamie is HOME!!!!

I just wanted to say WELCOME HOME to my sister Jamie! As some of you may know, she and I are having a 'friendly' competition to see who saves the most money over the course of the year. Jamie threw a kink in it all when she announced that she was going on vacation for a month and a half!!!! I was gracious enough (LOL) to agree to disqualify all savings that I acquired while she was keep it a fair game of course. When Jamie left I was at a savings of $1768.46. I will keep two separate totals on the right side of the blog under savings to will be my over all savings for the year and the other will be our 'competition amount'.

1 comment:

Mat and Jamie said...

Aahhh thanks for the welcome home. Just remember its just a matter of time before you are eating my dust!!!