Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why do I coupon?!

This afternoon I was talking to my daughter Terra (19) about coupons. She said that she had been thinking about coupons but after reading some of my posts, she thought that I was merely buying things I won't/don't use just to use coupons which in turn costs me more money. I explained to Terra that it was not the case, that I am using coupons to get items that I want and not have to pay much if anything for them.  I also told her that coupons are the reason that whenever she has come over to my house I always send her home with items that she needs at her place. By using coupons I am able to help my daughter out when she needs help and not break my bank.

It later came to me how else I could have explained it to her. Typically, in the past when we were out of soap (yes we would wait till we were out) I would go to the store and pay approx $2.50 for a 3pk of soap. Now, with coupons I am able to purchase 3 bottles of Nivea Body wash, 1 puff scrubber, 2 deodorants and 5 first aid kits to go. I think I'm getting the better deal than a 3pk of Irish Spring!? Terra mentioned that, 'you aren't going to use all those band aids'. I reminded her that Rob (my wonderful hubby) is a coach and the girls that he coaches go through band aids like water. So really, getting them for FREE is a good deal.

Terra was in no way was putting me down about coupons, I guess she was just thinking the way alot of people do, why clip a coupon if I am not going to use the item. Well you never know, would you use that brand/item if it was free? I'm sure not going to be picky about a brand/item if I can get an item for low/no cost. That just puts more money towards other things. Now I know that I will not use diaper coupons (till I'm a grandma of course) so I won't clip those (of course the Coupon Fairy will leave those for others). Yes there are some things I will pass on . I guess what I'm trying to say is that unless you are happy with paying full price for everything, give it a shot and put a little bit of cash back in your pocket.

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