Saturday, January 23, 2010

Frustration....and a Total of $860.58 saved so Far!

Tonight I sat down to total my savings thus far. The last time I did a calculation I was at $761. It appears that I have misplaced a few receipts, including receipts from today (and I got some KILLER deals) and now only have receipts for $860.58. I know that is still a good number/savings, but I still feel a little deflated...

I had everything set up to show you my savings today so that I could post tonight and all I can do is tell you my OOP along with some pictures....I guess that will have to do...Total OOP was $17.08 not bad!!! (Each photo represents a separate purchase)


Ben and Maryann said...

I can totaly understand your frustration, I have learned from trial and error. I know have a cute little box on my desk that I keep all of my receipts in.I total them up monthly and toss all but the ones that reflect the best savings.
I loved your post about your daughter, I am so glad I started this when my kiddos were young, they are my #1 coupon helpers and when they want something they always ask if I have a coupon for the item. Your blog looks great, keep up the great work.

Coupon Fairy of CC said...

Thanks Maryann....I appreciate your comments,you are my mentor....if you didn't know it before! =)