Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where has the time gone~

Wow, I realized today that I hadn't posted anything since the beginning of the month. Things have been so crazy. An update on my crazy life....we lost two of our chickens, Little Brown and Big Brown. We brought 2 new chickens home last Saturday. Its been frustrating because Jumper has been very territorial with the youngest one "velvet" to the point that we are worried. I didn't realize that chickens can be so mean.

Emily broke her hand during a soccer game. We will find out later this week if she will need a different cast. This is her 3rd broken bone, 2 Christmas' ago she broke both of her bones in her right wrist. This girl just doesn't slow down. Its been debateable whether or not she will be able to compete at fair this year with her 4H club.

My son Tyler turns 19 in two weeks and will graduate with his class in June so we are quite busy with graduation parties and activities.

We keep putting off tilling the garden because of the weather. I've been so excited since we moved in last January to have this garden and now to have the delay is killing me!

Well enough about me, I'd love to hear what everyone else has been up to?!

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