Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Plate of Cookies for a REALLY!

I can't remember if I mentioned it when we first moved in to the new house, but after about our first week here, our neighbors Lacey and Andy came down and welcomed us to the neighborhood with a plate of chocolate chip cookies.
Unfortunately, I wasn't home at the time but Rob and Emily were. My first question to Rob about the cookies was...."what kind of a plate did she bring?" my thinking was that if it was a normal dinner plate, it would give me an excuse to go up to their house and introduce my self while returning the plate. However, they were sent on a paper plate. I'd been busy after that and hadn't gone up to meet the new neighbors. Last week after having 2 fire and rescue trucks in the neighborhood (a few of us neighbors were burning brush) Andy showed up at our house with some more cookies and this time on a NORMAL dinner plate. Well you know what this means.....MY HUSBAND RAN INTO HER AND TOLD HER MY THEORY!  Curses.... Anyway it was very sweet of them, so today I baked a batch of my own cookies to return with their plate.

Lacey and Andy are two pretty neat people. I think we have a bunch in common and they are about our age. Anyway, as we were talking about photography and our neighbors etc, we mentioned that Beavis (their goat) was currently down at our house hanging out with LADY. After all was said and done, he ended up trading a plate of cookies for Beavis the goat.....I tell ya things like this only happen in the country.

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