Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free - $.24 Card Games at Target!

Thanks to a tip from Coupon Savvy, I ventured out to Target today to try and snag a few deals. Unfortunately there was only one deal I was able to advantage of and its made me a happy lady. Right now at Target, there are specially marked packages of card games (example Pictureka, Monopoly Deal, Yahtzee Hands Down and Sorry Revenge) that have a $5/1 coupon inside. I went to 3 different Vancouver area Targets today and was able to score 11 packages of cards. Here's how it broke down.....

In Vancouver the card games are priced at $5.24 each, I used 9 of the $5 off coupons from inside each box (yes I feel that as long as I'm BUYING the packs I have the right to use the coupons inside, no where does it state ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE if it did I would not have worked this deal). After the coupons the cards are $.24 each plus tax.

At the Jantzen Beach Target, the packages are price cut at $4.74 each amazingly I was able to use the coupons with no issue AND recive the overage. The reason I say amazingly, is because I haven't always had good experiences with that specific Target when it comes to couponing. Anyway I paid $0 OOP plus overage for the last two packages.

There are still many packages of these cards at all three locations, I was actually on the hunt for another deal but was skunked at all locations.....all of the packages that I scored today are being donated to our mailman. Each year he puts together gift bags for low income kids in his neighborhood and we wanted to contribute to his efforts.

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