Thursday, October 21, 2010

Up to $240 of photobooks for $44 Picaboo, Groupon

You can get $240+ worth of Picaboo custom photo books, cards and/or calendars for about $44 out-of-pocket. If you’re thinking of making photo books for family members and ordering Christmas cards, this is the deal for you!
It takes a number of steps, so stick with me. It will be worth it!

Buy the Groupon available through tonight (10/21) at 11:59 pm Pacific. Pay $35 out-of-pocket and get $100 at Picaboo.
STEP TWOdo this tonight also:
Create a Picaboo account and download the software.
STEP THREE do this sometime between October 23 and October 25:
Create and purchase your first Large custom photo book with Picaboo. Use the code FALLBK at checkout to get it for free. You will be charged $8.99 shipping. Pay for the shipping with your Groupon voucher. Pay $0 out-of-pocket.
STEP FOURdo this after you order your first photo book and by October 31:
Log back into your Picaboo account and create $200+ worth of custom photo books, cards and/or calendars. Use the code pntg50 at checkout to get 50% off your order. Use the remainder of your Groupon voucher to pay for most of the order. Probably around $9 out-of-pocket.

Pay about $44 out-of-pocket after all four steps and get $240 worth of custom photo products!

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