Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ANOTHER big coupon policy change at Safeway

There are three BIG Safeway policy changes. One bad, and two good so lets count our blessings it’s not the other way around.

NO MORE PAPER AND eCOUPON STACKING: I was able to pull this off last night, but I have heard reports of people’s eCoupons reversing after scanning the paper coupon. I’m sure this change is going to make it our way in no time.  
(now here is my take on this subject....the stacking of coupons (ecoupon/paper) is listed under the Hawaii ONLY section. In the section for our area, it states for ecoupons “All other coupon policies ABOVE apply to electronic coupons that are loaded to a club card”. The Hawaii only section is actually BELOW this section. No where does it state we cannot stack the ecoupons. I was able to do this transaction just last night and used both ecoupons AND paper. Maybe the main land stores are just mis interpreting this. Lets keep our fingers crossed that its just a mis understanding!)

JUST FOR U IS NOW FOR US: Just for U coupons were previously available only to Hawaii residents. Now at the top of Safeway’s webpage is a big box inviting you to sign up. It looks like you might get FREE eggs if you do it now!

ACCEPTING COMPETITOR CATALINAS: Remember the week or so that Safeway teased us by accepting Catalinas from Albertsons, Walgreens and so on? Well it’s back? I’m suspicious that this is a mistake. If you want to do this I would suggest printing the Safeway coupon policy off the website, and hurry before they change it back. (Maybe it’s here to stay who knows!)

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