Monday, September 27, 2010

8×10 photo canvas FREE (you pay $6.99 shipping) at Winkflash

I am a HUGE photo gift LOVER and when I find deals like these I can't help but share. The great thing is you don't have to use just photos of people can create ANYTHING, just let your imagination flow! Get a FREE 8×10 photo canvas at Winkflash. You will be charged $6.99 shipping.

Here’s how to do the deal:
:: Go to Winkflash.
:: Select the 8×10 Gallery Wrapped Photo Canvas ($29.99).
:: Create your canvas.
:: At checkout, you the coupon code FREESAMPLE, which should take off $29.99.

I’ve read some comments that the $29.99 doesn’t come off until you complete your order, which is a bit scary. But I’m a risk taker, so I am going to do it!

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