Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Use your Rain Checks!!!

Alright, I must admit, that in the past I have not used rain checks. Typically, I would get them but would forget to use them before it expires. Recently, I've started keeping track of them and am so pleased about it. Here is an example of how to strategically use rain checks. A couple weeks ago Albertson's had McCormick Grill Mates on sale for $1, I had 6 coupons $1/1, I used them but noticed they were out of a specific flavor, so I asked for a rain check for 20 more knowing I would buy some more off of ebay. Tonight I cashed in on this deal I got 20 bottles for FREE!!!!!

20 Grill Mates Spices $2.19ea
1 6pk Mt Dew $4.49

I used my rain check making the spices $1
20 $1/1 McCormick Spices MFR
Total OOP $4.86
Savings $64.30

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