Thursday, May 20, 2010

McCormick Spices and Motrin PM ~ Stock up Time

I haven't been getting many deals this week, but I have been picking up more of those Motrin PM's that I've told you about a few times. Also, I've been picking up the McCormick grinders that have been on sale at Safeway 2/$3, after $1/1 and dbls they're free! I have picked up 40 Grinders for FREE in the last week and a half. The coupons expire this weekend. I can officially say I have a year supply of Salt, Pepper and meat spices. I have approx a year supply of Motrin PM, which my hubby uses as a sleep aid. I believe so far I have picked up 60 bottles of Motrin for FREE!!! I am a true believer in stocking up!

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