Thursday, May 20, 2010

Freddie's Pharmacy Transfer Deal

Thank you so much to CouponSavvy! I will be jumping all over this deal!

Transfer a prescription to Fred Meyer and get $25 loaded onto your Fred Meyer Rewards Card!

No Coupon needed! Here's how:

1. Get your Rx # from your current pharmacy (cannot currently be at a Fred Meyer or QFC Pharmacy) and make sure you have a refill on your prescription.
2. Call your local Fred Meyer Pharmacy, they'll need your info and that Rx#.
3. Use your Rewards Card when you pick-up your prescription. Your cashier will scan the Barcode at their register to add $25 to your card.

Some things to note:

While the advertisements do not state a limit, It has been reported there is a limit of TEN transferred prescriptions per Rewards Card (that's $250 you could receive!)

It will take at least 2-3 days for your $25 to actually credit your card.
This offer expires May 29th (I believe this means you must PICK-UP your prescriptions by then).
Look at the bottom of your receipt to see your Reward
Once again thank you Maryann!

Once again thank you Maryann!

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