Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Updated Savings YTD

Seems like now that Jamie is back and the competition is getting heated we've both been updating our savings more frequently. As of today I am at YTD $3121.37
$2279.60 Elaine 4.7.10
$2169.40 Jamie 4.6.10

I'm posting these totals in case something happens and I accidentally delete my sidebar. I don't want to start over adding up all those receipts.


Mat and Jamie said...

&%!@%$#%^$# In case you dont know what that is...I was cussing you out!

The Coupon Fairy said...

Yeah whatever....I'm sure it won't last have saved up some good coupons~

Mat and Jamie said...

I have SEVERAL coupons I need to use. Only $110 between us. I`m going to score FREE butter today plus possibly more tampons. I also have 20 lunchable coupons coming making them free plus pop tarts plus free air wick and more body wash. Just wait.