Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pop Tart Promotion.....FREE MOVIE TICKET (a $12 value)

Alright, I was talking with Jamie last night and she hadn't heard about the Pop Tart promotion that is currently running thru Pop Tarts, so I thought I'd repost this great freebie. I'm coupling this promo with the current sale at Safeway, just make sure when you purchase pop tarts that they say REWARDS on the top of the box, as not all boxes have codes.

"It’s easy to earn funtastic rewards while discovering the over 25 delicious flavors from Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries in the Pop-Tarts™ Rewards Program. The more fun flavors you discover, the more codes you collect, and the more rewards you can get!"

 Here’s what you do:
  1. BUY and enjoy different flavors of specially-marked Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries.
  2. LOOK for the 16-digit code printed on the inside panel of the box.
  3. ENTER the unique 16-digit code printed on the inside panel into your Pop-Tarts™ Rewards account – you are allowed only one code entry per Pop-Tarts™ flavor. Last day to enter codes 09/29/2011.
  4. REDEEM 5 different Flavor Codes for 1 of 5 Pop-Tarts™ Rewards. Last day to redeem codes 09/30/2011. Limit 5 Pop-Tarts™ Rewards per person.

1 Movie Ticket (value up to $12)
Treat yourself to a movie on us! Receive a FREE Movie Ticket for one admission (value up to $12) at a participating theater when you redeem 5 codes from your Pop-Tarts™ Rewards account.
(Redemption code and instructions for printing ticket on home printer will be sent in your confirmation e-mail. Final date for downloading code is 10/7/2011 and certificates expire on 10/31/2011.)
Click here to preview the list of participating theaters:

Follow this link for all the details on everything you can get!


Mat and Jamie said...

I just checked all the boxes I have bought and not 1 of them has the rewards on it. Leave it to me to not get 1 box out of 15. Oh well I will be buying more this week so hopefully I will get some.

The Coupon Fairy said...

Yeah that happened to me with the first batch I bought. This time that was all I looked for.