Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Got my paper cutter!!!

A while back I had a post asking what others were using to cut their coupons with. There just had to be something better than using scissors. When I cut my coupons I stack/staple them together for quicker cutting, but I had found with using scissors that as I cut along the lines the coupons on the bottom of the stack would shift and I was sometimes cutting through bar codes and expiration dates. 2 weeks ago I picked up a CHEAP guillotine paper cutter from walmart (you know like the ones we used when we were in school). It worked the way I had wanted but I found it was too small and didn't always cut correctly as it closed up all the way (the arm comes all the way down) I ended up returning the device. I shopped around and found one at Joann's that was $79 but I had a %40 off coupon. I still didn't want to spend $50 and decided to wait. Well let me tell you patience pays off. Last night as I was perusing craigslist I found one just like I wanted for $5....FIVE BUCKS! Can you believe it?  I couldn't believe it. I picked it up tonight and am THRILLED! I just love CRAIGSLIST!

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