Friday, April 16, 2010

BOGO Fandango Movie Tickets with Tropicana Juicy Rewards

TONIGHT ONLY for the movie tickets. If you have the point I'd snag this, I just did, then I purchased BOGO from Fandango for tomorrow night How to train your Dragon in 3D.....Pair this with the free popcorn and your lookin at $8/person. Not a bad price considering it's $14/person regular price! Anyway Thanks to Coupon Geek for the information below.

For those of you that have some Tropicana Juicy Rewards, they are offering a deal only for today where you can turn in two points and get Buy One Get One Free Movie Tickets through Fandango.

You have the option to buy the tickets today but the code is also stored in your “My Account” to use at a future time.

New to signing-up? Sign-up and they’ll offer you a survey that you’ll get 1 point for. Also, if you enter code  

FBOOK-TROPI within 6 hours of signing-up, you’ll get another point. (for new members only.)

You can also try, MOMCE-NTRAL, if you are just signing-up.

Thanks Coupon Geek!!!

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Mat and Jamie said...

I just signed up for this and i used both codes you listed in this blog and they both worked!!! I now have 4 points.