Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walmart Employees need a Coupon Education.....right Bekah?

Tonight I needed to use a couple coupons that were going to expire today so I headed to Walmart. I had a few things to get but specifically I wanted to use the last of my Spam BOGO coupons on the single slice package. I had 12 to use so that meant I needed to pick up 24 packages, I would then pair this coupon with the $1.50/3 Spam products for the 3 packages I needed to pay for. After my order was rung up I handed the cashier my coupons (a total of 30 for everything), now this cashier isn't a cashier, she was simply an employee that the CSM asked to help since the store was so backed up. She scanned my 1st $1.50/3 Spam products coupon and the computer beeped at her, she ran over to the CSM to find out what to do, the CSM told her that only ONE coupon could be used per transaction because the coupon says PER PURCHASE, now everyone knows that this means per purchased ITEM but this CSM decided that it means per transaction. I tried to explain to her that I had 1 coupon per purchased ITEM but she insists that Walmart has told them this means per transaction. (Funny I couldn't find this statement on their coupon policy) This is the 1st time I've ever heard this at ANY Walmart I've shopped at I pointed out that the coupon does not state per transaction, that they would have listed per transaction in the fine print as some coupons do. All the coupons that I had that were multiple coupons were only eligible once in a single transaction per this CSM. I told them that I would gladly have the transactions broken up if that was the case. The CSM said that was not allowed. (hmmmm....sounds like someone is simply a coupon hater) I had a coupon for $1 off ANY SIZE Tide, so I grabbed a single use package. The CSM said that since the item is .97 they could not use the coupon. I told her that she could simply price adjust/match the coupon to the .97, she told me that they cannot accept coupons that were valued at the price of or higher for the item. Now I know that they cannot give me more than the price of the item and I wasn't asking for that. I finally had to ask for a manager and the CSM went to call them up to the register, however when she returned I was told that the manager was busy in the back room and I could either wait for them or I would be allowed to make multiple purchases (something I was just told I COULDN'T DO). At this, I was willing to have everything broken down (like I suggested earlier), she even received permission to price adjust the tide coupon (GO FIGURE). We rang up the first part of the orders and the cashier started scanning coupons....again the spam coupons got her. It's funny, I wasn't allowed to use more than 1 coupon per purchase/transaction when this all started but I was allowed to use 3 of the same coupons in this transaction. Here is the breakdown of the CSM's objection, I purchased 6 Spam pkgs, I used 3 BOGO Spam for 3 of the packages and 1 $1.50/3 for the other 3 that I had to purchase. The CSM now states that I can use the 3 BOGO but since I am purchasing 3 to get the BOGO those are all encompassed under that one coupon and I cannot used the $1.50.  After 45 minutes of this I finally told them they could keep the stuff. When will Walmart educate their employees on the use of coupons?? Just because we are using coupons does not mean that the store is losing money, INFACT they are making money, the manufacturer pays them .08 for every item purchased with their coupon. Guess what, Walmart just lost money tonight, I took the items that I NEEDED and left the rest. Bekah (the CSM) was not helpful nor friendly from the get go, in fact she was even a little RUDE. I felt as though she thought that I was some scumbag trying to scam them. I can say that I was smiling and polite through out the transaction. Heck, I even gave Bekah my business card so that she can read my blog about tonight's transaction.


Ben and Maryann said...

What Walmart were you at?

The Coupon Fairy said...

Mill Plain and 205....they've usually been so nice!

Unknown said...

I had the very same problem at that walmart a few days ago with tide coupons!