Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy Cashier at Wags!

On my lunch break i decided to head to Walgreens for the free laundry soap (B1G1 Purex w/ the B1G1 mfr.).  Let me break this down for you, I picked up 8 Purex Laundry soaps (I had 4 mfr B1G1), 5 pkgs Oreos @.99 (I had 5 $1/1 Nabsico coupons) and 1 pkg Always Infinity ( I had 1 FREE mfr cpn from a sample I had ordered).

The cashier rang up everything and then I handed her my coupons, the 1st 4 nabisco coupons rang up with out any modification, the 5th wouldn't so I explained to her she would need to price modify and she told me she would have to call her manager for that. She proceeded to scan the Always coupon and marked it accordingly. Last were the B1G1 coupons. She informed me that she couldn't use this coupon because it would be giving me the items for free. I explained to her how it worked and luckily I remembered the name of the manager that had helped me with this exact same thing before so I asked if Bill was in. He wasn't, so she called another manager who, from what I could gather from her end of the conversation told her to go ahead and scan the coupons. The cashier repeated many times, "I understand, but she is going to leave the store with all of it for FREE" She finally hung up the phone and said "yeah this coupon isn't good for you because we are already giving you the free one so you should save your coupon for later" I smiled and said "no, Wags is offering thier own promotion for the soap and that the MFR is actually paying for mine, Wags actually earns money." She picked up her phone again and the manager must have been more forceful this time as she scanned the coupons. This left me with a .95 balance. Now I had already done my math knowing full well this order was supposed to be free. I asked her if she had finished with the last Nabisco coupons price modification and she held it up and said that if she did that I wouldn't even be paying .99 for all of the stuff there. I acknowleged this and stated that she needed to price modify it. She finally did it but was not happy that I was walking out paying ZERO! I couldn't beleive that a cashier was arguing with thier supervisor!!! 


paintmom said...

Which Wags store were you able to buy these at? I tried it at the Andresen/4th Plain store, but they wouldn't honor it. The cashier said someone earlier had tried it, and the manager said no.

The Coupon Fairy said...

I was at the Wags on Lombard in Portland, west of I-5. I've had good luck with the Wags on Mill Plain next to the hospital and out by Safeway by 134Th and the Orchards store accepted them as well. I haven't tried the Andresen store for BOGO's yet but only because they didn't have the item in stock when I was there. The Orchards store wasn't going to do it at first and I mentioned to them that one of the other stores did, she called them and got the info and processed my coupons. Let me know if you have any other stores that refuse them. It would be nice to compile a list for everyone.

Hey Thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

i had the same problem with the Andresen/4th Plain store. i spoke with the amnager and he didnt seem to care much, just said you cant get 2 for free. i think i am going to try the store off of mill plain

The Coupon Fairy said...

I've found that the people at the Mill Plain store by the hospital have been the most helpful!!! Ash let me know how it goes