Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today's Steal 3.13.10

I did so many rounds at Safeway today that it's kind of a blur...I'll post more details later, but I wanted to get the pics up. I scored all of this for $24 OOP!!!!!  The ONLY 4 items that did not have a coupon was the hamburger, the oil, tortillas, (toilet paper and a scrubby sponge that is not pictured...) I've also posted a couple receipts, I couldn't get good pics of all them.
15 Granola Bars
15 Nut Clusters
18 Maries Salad dressing
10 Chocolate Cheerios
20 Smartones (yup still rollin the 'cats'!)
2 Salads
4 Tornados
Scrub sponge
Toilet paper 

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