Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My scores tonight 3.30.10

Tonight I was able to take advantage of a couple sales before they ended.

 1st I stopped at Albertsons and scored 24 cans of Del Monte corn and green beans. I had the $1/8 + dbls and ended up paying $.25 a piece....$6 OOP.

2nd stop Safeway, where I scored 3 Fa breeze priced at 1.99 when you buy 3.  I used (3)  $1/1, (1) ecoupon for $1/1 and my dbls for an OOP .96.
I also rolled my 'cat' for the last time on some freezer items in another transaction......boy I'm sad to see that 'cat' go, I've rolled her for a MONTH!

Last I stopped at Walgreens and picked up 2 of the Airwick kits that are on sale for 3.99 and paired this with the $4/1 coupon. OOP .33 for tax!  I still have a couple of these coupons left but I picked up the last of them at that store and the Andresen store was out of them. I'll probably make a lunch run this week in PDX and pay OOP ZERO!

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