Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Giving up Blockbuster?

I have posted codes for RedBox in the past but have never used it. I guess in part because I have a Blockbuster account that we pay $24/mo for for unlimited game and movie rentals.  We've gotten used to picking up a movie and then not watching it for a few days etc. The reason I haven't used RedBox is that we won't be able to watch the movie at our leisure and will have to have it back the next day. Anyway.....I'm starting to think I might just give up our Blockbuster account and get rentals through the RedBox instead. This would save us $24/mo. except for when hubby wants to rent a game.....then its $6 a rental without the plan. I guess I still have some thinking to do....I just have come to love saving money that I am always looking for ways I can save. Has anyone else used the Redbox? If so I'd love to hear your feedback!


Unknown said...

i have used red box a few times but it is definatly hard to return and watch the movie within 24 hours or less. we do use netflix though and really like it alot. we do the plan that ends up being $18 after tax. although i think it is expensive we do get about 6 movies every week.

The Coupon Fairy said...

6 movies a week isn't bad price wise....I think movies are 5.99ea at Blockbuster without a plan. Your definitely getting your money worth.
I tried netflix a couple times, this last time I signed up just so that I could watch movies instantly and then found the library wasn't that great, but I hear that they are changing things. They will delay new release rentals longer so that rental stores get a better chance to revenue and in return the production companies are going to release more for their instant catalog. WOOHOO!

Unknown said...

i agree, for whatever reason the libaray is not that great. blockbuster online is better but its a little more expensive i think. we love movies so its nice to just be able to get the mail and have a movie :)