Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sad News from Coupon Savvy of Cowlitz County

Thank you to Maryanne for this important albeit sad news regarding a policy change at Walgreens.....

"I have some sad news to report..........
As of today Walgreen's is no longer allowing customers to stack manufacture coupons with the coupons from the coupon books. I was asked to alert our readers to this new policy change by Walgreen's management. As I understand it we can still stack the coupons from the Walgreen's ad but when it comes to the coupon book they are now considering them manufacture coupons so we can't stack them.
Wow!!!! This changes everything!!!!
Walgreen's was always the store you could count on when it came to building and maintaining your overstock............
Walgreen's what happened to you, you used to be my favorite store?!?!?"
To view her blog click HERE!

Wow I actually feel sick......hey...I wonder if they have this in writing?

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