Friday, February 12, 2010

It's MEGA Swagbucks Day!!!

I've already won 16 Swagbucks today!!!

There’s another Free SwagBucks Code that’s up for grabs today. Here’s how you can get snag it:

  1. Go to SwagBucks and log-in or sign-up.
  2. Click on Ways To Earn at the top
  3. Click on Special Offers
  4. Click the blue box to the right that says “No Obligation Offers.”
  5. Skip past all the offers that don’t interest you. (You don’t need to do any to get the code.)
  6. At the end, they will give you a special free SwagBucks code. Copy that code.
  7. Go to Your Account and under “Enter SwagBucks Code” paste the free code.

The free SwagBucks code will give you one extra SwagBucks. They offer this freebie every Friday for right now. I’m hoping it will be an ongoing thing for a long time! It only takes 45 SwagBucks for a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

In case you haven’t signed-up yet, you can do so HERE and start earning some free gift cards or other prizes! This is one of my favorite online programs.

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