Saturday, January 16, 2010

Albertson's Preview

I received this information from Deborah Mc.....if any of you are in the Vancouver area, these could be EXCELLENT deals for you! Thanks Deborah!

There are many items that are on sale for $1.00. Check the ad or flyer.
I hope there are extra flyers at the counter to get extra doubles as there are so many good deals to get. I will just list some.
  • Free Jolly Time Pop Corn.  Use the $.50 Jolly Time manufacture/double.
  • Free Aqua Fresh Toothpaste. It is on sale for $1.00. Use the $.75 manufacture/double.
  • Free Aqua Fresh Toothbrush.  Use the $1.00 manufacture/double.
  • Free Sauve Shampoo.  Use the $1.00/2 manufacture/double for 2 Free bottles.
  • Free Ken's Salad Dressing. Sale price is $1.99. Use the $1.00 manufacture/double and it is Free.
  • Free Quaker Rice Cakes. Sale price is $1.00. Use the $.75 manufacture/double and it's free with overage.
  • Free Pro Health Toothpaste. Some stores have it clearance under $2.00. Use the $1.00 manufactue/doube and it is Free.
  • Almost Free. Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolate Bar is $2.29. Use the $1.00 manufacture/double and the bar is only $.29.

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