Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kick Off!

I've been ramping my self up the last couple of weeks about getting a blog started. I'm not %100 sure of what I'll blog about but I do know that I will be focusing mainly on my money saving/ Coupon Craze that I have gotten addicted to for the past few months, thanks to my sister Jamie!

I've also started a 'food storage' and feel pretty good about it. I always thought that food storage was for Molly Homemakers and I was definitely NOT a Molly Homemaker. Or at least that is was I thought. The more and more I get into all this SAVING I find myself feeling like a homemaker, and it feels good. (Ok MOM you cannot use those words against me)

Along the way I hope to share with you all my 'little finds' and information that others have shared in order to help you be successful too. I know that some people might think it takes too much time or effort to clip coupons etc. but these days it isn't that hard, especially when you have all the resources that I am going to share with you. I also hope that people will find this and share with me as well. I'm always looking to learn more ways to save money.  Well....HERE'S TO SAVING MONEY!

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